Saturday, March 17, 2012

My skin routine


1. Bioré Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash - really gentle, soft whip. It doesn't dry the skin.

2. Sephora facial brush - also soft, but helps cleaning deeper.

Tonifying & Hydrating

1. Chanel Précision Lotion Douceur - anti-polution gentle facial toner. For me, the main purpose of using a toner its to help spreading the moisture and save it, as I said before.

2. Guerlain Secret Divin  - skin perfecting serum anti-ageing. I really love this serum, it makes my skin really velvety.

3. Chanel Précision Hydramax+Active (Cream) - one of my favorite moisturizers of all time. I've review it here.

4. Bioré UV Bright Face Milk (SPF 50+/PA+++) - very fluid sunblocker, pretty easy to apply. It doesn't make your face white, like some more thick SPF 50 sunblockers.

Weekly Deep Cleansing

1. Guerlain Secret de Pureté - gentle polishing exfoliator. I actually use it 2 or 3 times a week, 'cause it's really gentle and gives the skin a fresh look.

2. Kiko Scrub & Peel - new skin effect wipes. These ones are a little agressive, I use it only once a week. It makes the skin baby-soft!

3. Formula 10.0.6 Down to the Pore - I found this pore strips at Sephora. Seems like we have another brand besides Nivea and T-Zone in Portugal! They are pretty similar to those from T-Zone (actually I think the only difference is the package) but more expensive. You can read my pore strips reviews here and here. My favorites are definitely Bioré Pore Stripes.

4. Kiko Purifying Mask - remineralizing mask that matifies skin. It works perfectly with the scrubbing wipes...the skin gets really smooth and soft.

   ♥ ♥ ♥

Besides having good quality products I think discipline in skin routine its very important to keep it flawless and glowing! If you don't have time or if you are lazy to use so much stuff everyday, at least protect your skin with sun blocker (or, even better, a moisturize with SPF) if you're going to be out in the day light. It's the best way of preventing skin aging and, more importantly, other skin related issues, like cancer. Have a nice weekend!

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