Monday, August 27, 2012

Flagrante Delícia ♥

Flagrante delícia is portuguese for blazing delight. And is the title of my favorite desert blog, 'baked' by the wonderful Leonor de Sousa Bastos (who has an exquisite taste for poetry) and capture by Miguel Coelho. Click for the portuguese or the english version.

I've been using her recipes for a while and they never disappoint me. Last week I've tried these delicious pieces of heaven... (obviously these are my photos...don't forget to check the 'real deal'!) 

Areias de Cascais (little biscuits for tea, coffee...or any time of the day)

Queques rápidos de iogurte ~ Quick yogurt muffins

I'm sorry, but I haven't find the english version for Areias de Cascais and quick yogurt muffins...I think they aren't available yet.

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