Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Skin break ♥

I use this skin regime - the 'pink regime'! - when my skin is tired and sensitive from all the make-up, creams, deep cleansing...Also perfect for sun exposed skin!

- Bioderma Sensibio (micelle solution for sensitive skin) - make-up remover.

- Evian Brumisateur (Evian water spray) - spray it over the face and dry it with a cotton pad, instead of using a tonner.

- Uriage Toléderm (hydra-soothing cream for intolerant and hyper-reactive skin) - use it instead of serum and moisturizer.

Don't forget to use sun blocker if you are going to be exposed to sun light!

I've been on this regime for almost a month and my skin looks pretty healthy!

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